Time For Machine Royal Voyager Build Video by Maru Makes


Just finished a display model for At Play Toys of the Royal Voyager metal model by Time For Machine. I really loved building this one. I love Metal Earth models but they always hurt my fingers after and it was easy to break thin pieces of metal. This model kit by Time for Machine was an overall higher quality kit with thicker metal sheets that were sturdier and less prone to breaking from bending too much. It also has a wind-up mechanism that works really well and it was really fun the whole process. The areas that require a slight curvature already had markings that made it easy to bend and not looked warped.

My only two complaints for this model are:

1. The directions were not clear with the windup coil and I ended up cutting the wrap early on the process. What you are supposed to do is place it into the housing and once everything is in place, you cut out the wrap. It was a real pain and took me almost 2 hours to get the coil wound up to get in the housing. The directions need to put a warning regarding the wrap. The manual shows images of an unwound coil which makes it seem like you should unwrap it.

2. There were some areas late on the build that required you to bend the pieces behind some awkward areas. It was really difficult for some of these areas to reach in and get a firm grasp to bend. Those areas could've been connected earlier on as it would not have gotten in the way as it was being assembled.

I highly recommend this kit if you love metal models!

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