UGears Trimaran Merihobus Sailboat


$ 49.90 

The UGears Trimaran Merihobus is a classic multihull sailboat designed in the skeleton style to show off a lot of details such as bulkheads, frames, rigging, and hulls, which makes her a very realistic miniature copy of real-life prototypes.

Just like on real trimarans this UGears mainsail and fore staysail on the mast can be set or taken in. The mainsail of the Trimaran Merihobus is set on the mast groove with the main top halyard. The staysail “rolls up” on a stay. At the front under the bowsprit, you will find the staysail’s winch drum. Sail booms are operated by a lever that pulls the sheet of the boom.

The model allows you to create your own flag design for the ship. it comes with several templates and with the aid of the winch and hoists, you can ensign your ship.

Wooden mechanical 3D model: self-assembly requires no glue

  • Number of parts: 237
  • Assembly time: 15 hours
  • Assembled Size: 16.1 x 9.3 x 22 in
  • Recommended Age: 14+