Do I need to cut the parts out of a board?

No. All the parts are pre-cut and can be easily taken out of a board by pressing lightly with your fingers. The parts stay in place on a board, connected by small cross pieces. If you experience difficulties removing a part from the board, simply use a utility blade to detach it.

 Is it possible to paint the model?

Yes, you can paint it. We recommend using watercolor paint or a water-based stain. You can use acrylic paints as well, however, the density may prevent gears from moving freely.

 What tools do I need to assemble a model?

Each set is supplied with everything necessary for assembly, according to each model’s specific requirements.  In some instances, a set of small files, sandpaper, a utility blade, or candle wax may be used.

 What do I do if I break a part during assembly? 

Unfortunately, we all break parts. Not to worry, though. We have provided contact info below for each brand.

Ugears parts replacement parts​:

Wood Trick replacement parts:

Metal Earth replacement parts:

ROKR, Rolife replacement parts: 



Wrebbit 3D Puzzles replacement parts:

Wooden City & Eco Wood Art replacement parts: