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Welcome to the At Play Toys Rewards Program. At Play Toys Wooden Nickel rewards is a way to thank our loyal customers for patronizing our business. Every time you shop with us, you can earn wooden nickels which can be exchanged for savings on future purchases. You can also earn wooden nickels many different ways, such as referring friends to our site, liking our Facebook Page, sharing something from our site on Facebook, following us on Instagram, and even celebrating your birthday.

All you need to do is to create an account to Join the Program. 


Join the Wooden Nickel Program


To show our love for our customers, we have instituted a rewards program. There are many ways to collect "Wooden Nickels" that can be used towards future purchases at At Play Toys.

Click on the icon in the bottom left to see the ways At Play Toys Wooden Nickels can be earned.


Invite your friends to our store and be instantly rewarded with wooden nickels. And if they love our products as much as you do, you will continue to be rewarded again and again!


Click on the icon in the bottom left to see the ways your Wooden Nickels can be used on future purchases.


  • How Do I Spend Points? You can spend your wooden nickels by clicking on the rewards tab while logged into your customer account. Under the Reward section, you can click 'Redeem' next to the reward you want to claim!
  • What are Birthday Points? Every year on your birthday, we'll give you bonus birthday nickels. Birth date must be entered into the system 30 days prior to the actual date in order to bonus nickels.
  • How much does it cost to join?  Our wooden nickel rewards program is totally free, because our customers are awesome! 
  • Is there a limit to how many wooden nickels I can get? Of course not! Collect as many as you want! The more you collect, the bigger the reward.
  • Can I get points for my previous orders made before the program launch?  Of course! Make sure you create an account using the email address you used to make a purchase, send us an email request and we will credit your account.
  • How many wooden nickels do I get per purchase? You will get one wooden nickel for every dollar spent, minus discounts, taxes and shipping charges, if any.
  • Can I use wooden nickels in combination with other discounts? We only allow one type of discount per transaction.