Metal Earth RQ170 Sentinel Drone Airplane

Metal Earth

$ 4.17 $ 5.95

These amazingly detailed DIY models start as 4" square steel sheets and finish as amazing 3D models. Use the easy to follow instructions to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs, and connect them at the attachment points. 

The RQ-170 design lacks several elements common to stealth engineering, namely notched landing-gear doors and sharp leading edges. It has a curved wing, and the exhaust is not shielded by the wing. It has been postulated that theses missing elements suggest the designers have avoided highly sensitive technologies due to the near certainty of eventual operational loss inherent with single-engine design and the desire to avoid the risk of comprimising leading-edge technology.
  • No glue or solder needed
  • Finished model measures 4.13" x 1.56" x 1.56"
  • Recommended age: 14+