Wooden.City Mechanical Picture

$ 76.99


Mechanical Picture 3D puzzle is an open mechanism moving model kit. Start your Mechanical Picture moving with a special key, and its optical illusions will capture your imagination!

Swiss watches, as a mechanism, are known for their beauty, brilliance, sophistication and the perfect accuracy of movement of all of its parts. Gears drive gears, one after the other, spinning and creating a fascinating mechanical dance. Is the mechanical picture a watch? No, you guessed wrong. It is, in fact, a “living” picture! In it, you will see the beauty of the mechanical movement of gears making intricate, subtle patterns. All the parts make logical connections in accordance with mathematical calculation. Science and art meld into one masterpiece. The picture can be put up on a shelf or hung up on the wall. It will not leave anyone bored! A few turns of the key and the rubber band-driven motor in your Mechanical Picture starts right up! It begins driving the gears. Everything rotates before your eyes. Using the trigger lever on your right, you can adjust the tension of the rubber band and change the speed of rotation of the gears. Surprise your loved ones with your new, unusual hobby. The Mechanical Picture catches the eye and does not let it go for a long time. And children love to twist the key - they clap their hands for joy! You can share your fascination of science and teach an appreciation of beauty with every 3D puzzle - think of all the mechanical models to make.

Wooden mechanical 3D model: self-assembly requires no glue

  • Number of parts: 265 
  • Assembly time: 8 hours
  • Operating time: 1-2 minutes
  • Model size: 347 x 231 x 62 mm
  • Recommended Age: 14+

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